Display of featured artworkJane’s painting/collage is featured in the New York Times, Art & Design, Spring Gallery Guide (“10 Galleries to Visit Now in Brooklyn”), in the image for the A.I.R. Gallery (left), April 27, 2017. View the full article here.

“I could only stand back in admiration. I love the physicality in the current work. I love the inherent struggle in these canvasses as she does mighty battle with a two dimensional surface. She takes no prisoners. If the attack is sometimes brutal, the brutality does not preclude the poetry. There are areas of colour of such density they almost suck the viewer into the depth without destroying the surface tension and these are juxtaposed with passages whisper thin and lyrical in impact.”

Hugh Mackenzie
painter/print maker & instructor emeritus OCAD

“One Path is a group of 14 women and artists whose exhibition is a multi-disciplinary, interactive, feminist celebration for, by and about women. The event includes elements of costume design, horticultural art, mosaics, painting, photography, sculpture, stained glass, videography and textiles, as well as digital and performance art. You can expect to witness female rites of passage from birth to death. W-O-M-A-N is a true celebration of the joy, pain, fear and love womanhood embodies.”

Alicia Cox Thomson
Local Love Magazine, September 2018

“The May Art Walk in Yorkville is one of the most popular walks of the year since it co-incides with the world-famous, Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival. Two of the galleries on this month’s Art Walk have prepared very timely exhibitions for the festival. At least four artists will be present for the walk: Sara Caglar, Camal Pirbhai, Louie Palu and Jane Burns.”

Yorkville News, May 2011

“[Jane Burns’] paintings are very dynamic and energetic, perhaps because she says she has a strong interest in images that are constantly in motion. Burns is an accomplished artist, whose works are part of the University of Toronto’s permanent collection… Her art has many dimensions. Her inspiration comes from many sources, including the Bruce Peninsula, where she spent her childhood, and Hamilton Bay, where she lived with her husband… Her paintings, abstract and representational are charged with this energy, and encourage emotional reaction. Among many influences, Burns names Emily Carr, David Milne, and Jackson Pollock.”

Elena Korobov
The Gleaner

“I have never done printmaking before, just painting and drawing, and I found Jane’s course fabulous. It is a great introduction to printmaking with a lot of technical guidance from a very generous, helpful, and inspirational teacher.”

Lynn Hardaker
Student, Royal Ontario Museum Printmaking Course